EastEnders: “It was you!” – Phil finally realises that Sharon stole the heist money

The accusations were flying in tonight's episode of the BBC1 soap

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EastEnders hard man Phil Mitchell has finally worked out that wife Sharon was the one responsible for snatching the New Year’s Day heist cash out from under his nose.


Thursday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Sharon confess to having taken the haul: “I did it for us. You know I did,” she admitted in scenes just broadcast. “I wanted everything to die down before I told you. I wanted Aidan gone. I wanted everyone to stop looking for it.”

With the pieces now slotting into place, a shocked Phil looked askance at Sharon before barking out, “It was you!”

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The showdown came following a confrontation between Phil and Robert, the driver of the van involved in the robbery. With Robert having implied that Ciara Maguire now had the money back, Phil was seen asking who had stolen the money from him and his Walford cohorts in the first place. “In a way, you did,” replied Robert.

A rattled Phil then started to get suspicious and left a voicemail message for Sharon, who ultimately ended up telling the truth about what she’d done.

Fans will now have to wait until Friday’s episode to find out what Phil does in the aftermath of Sharon’s confession. With Shirley having just given Phil a mouthful about his lack of backbone, will he now opt to work things out with Sharon?

Or is their marriage set to fall apart thanks to her deception?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below


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