Coronation Street: “Fiz should give Tyrone a bush tucker trial for cheating on her!” – Jennie McAlpine interview

The star reacts to Tyrone's fling with Gemma, and promises a cat fight on the cobbles

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Coronation Street’s Fiz Stape will be heartbroken when she discovers boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs has cheated on her with Gemma Winter, tearing apart one of the few happy couples on the cobbles.


Having been away from Weatherfield for a while, fans saw Fiz return on Friday as lonely Ty shared a charged moment with the crazy kebab shop worker. This week the pair share a kiss which develops into a one-night stand, discovered by a devastated Fiz on Monday 12 March.

Fiz’s absence was written in to accommodate Corrie star Jennie McAlpine taking part in last year’s series of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in which she came fourth. We caught up with the actress about returning to the street only to find her character’s life has been thrown into chaos – and what suitable punishment she’d dish out to naughty Ty…

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How did it feel returning to Corrie after the jungle?
I was re-energised, strangely, considering I was deprived of food and sunlight because we had the worst rainy season. Mind you it was good for me because I’m a redhead, one of the reasons I genuinely wasn’t sure about doing the show was because of my red hair and fair skin! But it feels good to be back and straight into shouting at Tyrone. It’s like I’ve never been away!

Are you sad that Tyrone has cheated on Fiz with Gemma?
I am. But Tyrone has been on his own with two kids, one of which is quite unruly, and has just had Sean. He tells Fiz Gemma has been a real help to him – why am I making excuses for Tyrone? So Gemma’s was a shoulder to cry on. And the rest!

How does Fiz feel when she finds out?
Absolutely devastated. They have been through so much, Fiz saw Tyrone at his most vulnerable with all the Kirsty stuff. They got through that and she thought they were unbreakable, but it’s not the case.

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How does she feel about Gemma?
She hates Gemma even more than she hates Tyrone! There is a cat fight with a difference coming up – violence is involved. Gemma may be tough but Fiz is a woman scorned. And don’t forget she has been dragged up by Cilla! It’s a bit different to other cat fights, we want people to be surprised. I’ll just say It was great fun to film, it’s a daft one but we had to put some light and shade into the storyline!

Can Fiz ever forgive Tyrone?
At the moment, definitely not, she just feels so hurt and embarrassed. Obviously nothing stays a secret in a place like this.

Is everyone on Fiz’s side?
We have Team Fiz and Team Tyrone. I have got a feeling he is going to get away with it to be honest, a lot of people I speak to have been sympathetic towards him. Chesney is on my team, as is Rita. All the red heads together! Rita is disappointed in Gemma obviously.

Fiz also realises it’s Hope who’s been behaving badly, not Ruby…
That plays out side by side with Tyrone and Gemma in the same week, so Fiz’s whole world falls apart in the space of three days! She finds out about Tyrone having a one-night stand and then that Hope is pretty much uncontrollable.

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Does she think Hope has inherited this from her biological dad John?
Well, when they think it is Ruby acting up Fiz blames it on it Kirsty’s genes. So when it turns out to be Hope, that is in the back of Fiz’s mind… Fiz has said all these things about Ruby needing help, but the truth is she doesn’t want to think badly of her own child.

Gemma and Chesney are quite close, how does this affect them?
Chesney is furious. They’re really good mates and Gemma has helped him through all of their troubles. There may also be feelings between them which they haven’t admitted yet. So Chesney is very angry with both Gemma and with Tyrone.

Will this turn Chesney a bit more unhinged?
Actually, he kind of steps up which I love. Fiz has been through her fair share of traumas so he is sensible and gives good advice.

Would you like a new love interest for Fiz?
That is a very good question! You have to have a bit of tit for tat, don’t you? But I don’t think she’d go for anyone currently on the street – they’re no all a bit damaged aren’t they?

Should Fiz send Tyrone to the Australian jungle for cheating?!
She could do that, yeah – give him some trials as punishment…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below.


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