Emmerdale: Brenda plans secret revenge on Bob and Laurel

The cheating couple have no idea Brenda has busted them


Emmerdale’s Brenda Walker has discovered the truth about Bob Hope’s affair with Laurel Thomas, but it’s been confirmed the wronged woman will plan a long game of revenge this spring – with the cheating pair unaware she knows everything.


Putting the pieces together and finding an incriminating button that was the key to busting the bunk-ups between her man and her mate, and heartbroken Brenda reels from the shock before eventually deciding to stay quiet – for now.

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Pressing on with plans to still tie the knot with fiance Bob, is distraught Brenda in denial about the betrayal and pretending nothing’s happened? Or is she planning an epic way to get her own back? Show bosses have revealed Brenda starts to meddle with Laurel’s mind in the coming weeks to unsettle her into questioning what she knows.

Is Brenda hoping to push Bob and Laurel into confessing? Or just picking her perfect moment to expose the pair, who are set to continue their fling behind Brenda’s back believing they’ve been discreet enough to avoid suspicion? And what is Brenda’s ultimate aim – and what will the scorned cafe worker’s wrath mean for Laurel and Bob?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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