Plain Jane Superbrain returns to Neighbours – Annie Jones rejoins the cast

The 1980s' Ramsay Street icon will be back from April

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Long-time Neighbours fans will get a blast from the past this spring when Annie Jones reprises the role of Jane Harris.


Jones – now 51 – originally starred on Neighbours between 1986 and 1989, her character famously going from nerdy ‘Plain Jane’ bookworm to sought-after beauty following a makeover.

Now Jane is set to return to Erinsborough with “unfinished business”; show bosses promising that her mission to rectify the past will raise some eyebrows.

Speaking about her comeback, Annie Jones said: “I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to return to Neighbours.  As an actor, the best thing you can be is a working actor.

“I’ve done a lot of guest roles but usually very short lived so this has been lovely to come back for an extended period and really get my teeth into a part.”

Stefan Dennis, who plays Paul Robinson, is the only remaining member of the cast on Neighbours from 1986 when Jones joined the show. Talking about his co-star, he said:

“This is going to sound terribly gushy, Annie is just the same as she was on the show 30 years ago – kind, funny and just a beautiful person to be around.  I’ve loved having her back on set.”

Jason Herbison, Neighbours’s executive producer, added: “Annie is a beloved star from the golden era of Neighbours and we are honoured to have her back on the show.

“She had a very interesting take on what her character Jane might be up to nowadays and we incorporated it into the storyline.  There’s warmth and nostalgia yet also a very fascinating character journey.”


Viewers can expect to see the character of Jane back on screens in early April.