Coronation Street: Phelan panics – Andy and Vinny’s bodies to be discovered?

The lake where he dumped them is being drained…


Coronation Street killer Pat Phelan got a nasty shock tonight when he learnt the dead bodies of two of his victims could soon be discovered. Is the game up for the bad boy builder?


The day started off well for smug Pat when developers at the converted mill project told him they wanted to build 10 extra flats, meaning a bigger pay day for the cruel cobbles cad.

But the finer details proved to be far from good news, as Pat then discovered that in order to expand the original plans to make room for the extra apartments, the lake on the site would have to be drained in the next six weeks – the same lake where the bodies of Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford were dumped last October.

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Phelan held Andy prisoner for months in a derelict house, then added Vinny to his hostage list and moved them both to the disused mill. Forcing Andy to shoot Vinny, then pulling the trigger on Mr Carver himself, Phelan then put the corpses in the lake.

Now Pat is part of the crew building flats on the mill site, while colleague Gary Windass secretly plots with Phelan’s daughter Nicola Rubinstein to find evidence he framed Anna Windass and killed Luke Britton. Gary clocked Pat’s shocked reaction when he learnt about the lake – is this clue the beginning of Phelan’s past unravelling?

The clock is ticking for Phelan to find a way to either persuade the developers to leave the lake alone, or move the corpses out of the water to another location. Or maybe he’ll just murder the developer…

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