EastEnders: Max Branning and Mick Carter in violent showdown

Drunk Max hits the bottle as he's banned from Abi's funeral


It’s set to be an emotional week ahead for EastEnders’ Max Branning as he prepares to say a final goodbye to dead daughter Abi, only to discover his family don’t want him at the funeral.


Monday’s episode ends with Lauren dropping the bombshell on her grieving father that her sister’s send-off has already taken place without him, sending Max into complete meltdown.

Hitting the bottle on Tuesday, he pushes Jay Brown for info on where Abi is buried and when he doesn’t get any answers, mad Max tries to drive off on his own desperate search. In this new picture from Tuesday’s episode, Mick Carter is forced to step in and stop drunk Max getting behind the wheel.

Throwing Max’s keys out of reach so he doesn’t put himself in danger, Mick delivers some hard-to-hear home truths to Mr Branning as to why he wasn’t welcome at Abi’s funeral. Max eventually sees sense after his pow-wow with the publican and goes to smooth things over with Lauren, but there’s another shock in store when he learns the funeral hasn’t happened yet – Tanya just doesn’t want him there…


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