Viewers left frustrated after this week’s “confusing” Rellik

The reverse-chronology drama is in a losing battle with ITV's Liar


Two episodes in, and viewers are struggling to keep up with the Williams brothers’ reverse-chronology drama Rellik.


The show appears to be in a losing battle with the screenwriting siblings’ other drama Liar on ITV, which airs at the same time, and is proving easier to grasp.

So much so, that the BBC had to enlist the writers to explain what’s going on…

This week’s episode of Rellik saw detective Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) becoming increasingly obsessed with his hunt for the person responsible for seven murders and acid attacks.

And many fans bemoaned the “confusing” state of affairs on Twitter.

Others, however, had harsher critiques for the Williams brothers.

Luckily, one man has it all figured out.

Thanks for clearing that up, Trace.


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