Emmerdale responds to Ross Barton acid attack complaints – “We take our responsibility seriously”

"For the sequence following Ross’s attack we adhered carefully to the NHS guidelines about how to help people"

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Emmerdale has responded to viewer complaints about the levels of violence shown in Thursday’s episodes, which saw Ross Barton fall victim to an acid attack.


Ofcom today revealed that it is currently assessing the 228 objections to the pre-watershed scenes that saw fan favourite Ross ambushed by drug dealer Simon, who threw the corrosive substance in his face.

Talking to RadioTimes.com, an Emmerdale spokesperson said: “We take our responsibility seriously when portraying what happens in these circumstances.  Consequently, the storyline was researched thoroughly with medical experts at Pinderfields Hospital.

“For the sequence following Ross’s attack we adhered carefully to the NHS guidelines about how to help people who are the victim of an acid attack.”

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A real-life survivor of a similar attack was also consulted as part of the scriptwriting process: “We specifically researched this story with one particular victim who felt it important to share what happened to him with the Emmerdale production team,” added the spokesperson.

Following the broadcast, viewers took to social media to comment about the disturbing storyline:

Others though spoke out in praise of Emmerdale for tackling such controversial subject matter:

Speaking recently about the storyline, actor Michael Parr said: “We want to raise awareness of the devastating consequences an attack like this has on a person’s life.

“I know this is a reality for some people and the Emmerdale team have done extensive research. It’s the most excited I’ve been about a storyline since I started on the show.”

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