Coronation Street: Michelle reunited with biological son Alex next week

It's not a happy family reunion as the pair meet for the first time in a decade

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Coronation Street’s Michelle Connor is shocked by a blast from the past next week when she comes face to face with her biological son, Alex Neeson.


Ten years ago, ‘Chelle’s world was turned upside down when troubled teenager Alex turned up out of the blue and told her that Ryan, the son she had raised, was not her biological child as he had accidentally been swapped at birth with Alex.

The revelation rocked the Connors, and for a while Michelle and Alex tried to form some kind of relationship. But it was too much for all concerned and Michelle eventually rejected Alex and refused to accept anyone other than Ryan as her son, despite official confirmation that Alex was her flesh and blood.

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Next week, medical centre receptionist Liz McDonald meets the new trainee GP and is stunned to realise it’s her former daughter-in-law’s estranged son. Now calling himself Ali, the junior medic begs Liz not to tell Michelle he is back in the area as he wants nothing to do with her.

As Liz toys with her loyalties, Michelle is in need of medical help when she cuts herself and heads to the surgery – and her jaw drops as she’s reunited with Alex.

Attempting to reconnect with Ali proves a tricky task for Michelle as her son puts the barriers up and refuses to tell her why he didn’t get in touch when he knew he’d be working in Weatherfield.

Later, Robert Preston pleads with his girlfriend to bite the bullet and try again, while Liz begs Ali to give his mother another chance – can the pair make amends? And will word reach Ryan about the unexpcted development?


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