EastEnders: Phil and Sharon have the heist money?

Are they framing Mel – and how much has she overheard?


EastEnders may have revealed who is hiding the missing heist money in tonight’s cliffhanger as it appears Phil and Sharon Mitchell know more than they’ve been letting on and are trying to frame Mel Owen.


Picking up from Mick Carter’s kidnapping on Tuesday, the panicking publican was tied to a chair in the Arches and interrogated by angry Aidan Maguire in front of the heist gang, who all accused him of stealing the cash so he could buy back the Queen Vic.


Before things got any more Reservoir Dogs and he lost an ear, quick-thinking Mick managed to convince Aidan that Fi Browning handed back the business for free as payback for her dad James Willmott-Brown’s wicked deeds.

Luckily Aidan bought it and let the landlord go. Reunited with worried Linda, Mick was relieved their secret about selling the diamond ring stolen from the heist by Halfway remained safe – for now.


Back at the Arches, Aidan turned on Vincent Hubbard, trotting out the usual ‘once a grass, always a grass’ argument to back up his belief the ex-police informant is the one who betrayed him.

When Vincent suggested the suspiciously absent Ben Mitchell had something to do with the lost loot, fear flashed across Phil’s face and the tension exploded between the three alpha males, until Mr Mitchell calmed the situation to stop Aidan going all Mr Blonde again.

Eventually Phil was left alone with his former cellmate, and out of the blue persuaded Aidan that Mel Owen must have the money and has been playing them all – but thi was just to put Aidan off the scent about Ben, who – thanks to Mel – Phil knows actually tried to take the dosh but was intercepted by someone else. If Aidan knew of Ben’s betrayal there’d be reprisals for the entire Mitchell clan.


Promising he’d deal with Mel, Phil told Aidan to lie low for a while and the Irish gangster gave his cohort ten days to get results.

But things got really intriguing (and even more confusing, if that’s possible) when Sharon showed up at the Arches as Aidan left.

After learning Aidan no longer believes Mick has the money, a furtive Sharon asked her husband: “So who does he think’s got it?”

Phil replied: “Well let’s hope he don’t find out, ‘cos it would be a bloodbath…”


The scene panned out to reveal Mel was lurking outside the Arches and had overheard their exchange, but did she hear Phil fitting her up to Aidan?

Tonight’s twist implies Phil and Sharon may have been hiding the haul themselves all along, or at least know who’s got it. Who are they protecting? What do they know? Will the mystery ever be solved?

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