Why is there no Glastonbury 2018? How can I get tickets for 2019?

The world famous music festival is having a fallow year, but it will be back for another great line-up of music and arts next year. Here's what you need to know...

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Why is there no Glastonbury Festival in 2018?


Glastonbury Festival may be one of the most famous music and arts events in the world, but it still takes place at a working dairy farm – and therefore it’s important that sometimes the farm, its land and the local surroundings are given a break.

Every six years, Michael Eavis, owner of Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset where the event is held, has deemed that the festival should take a fallow year in order to allow the local environment to recover from the pressure put on it by well over a hundred thousand revellers visiting.

2018 has been allocated as a fallow year, so there will be no festival this year.

Are tickets on sale for the 2019 festival yet?

You can register for 2019 Glastonbury Festival tickets here

Do we know who will be playing in 2019?

No, at present no names have been announced.

Are there any other music festivals in the summer of 2018?

Yep, there’s lots…


A couple of highlights include Reading Festival, Wireless Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival.