Coronation Street: Nicola’s secret plot to bring down Phelan revealed

Pat's daughter is playing with fire as she gathers evidence to prove his crimes

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Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan’s reign of terror could soon be at an end if his daughter Nicola Rubinstein has anything to do with it – but the bullying builder has no idea she’s secretly working against him.


In tonight’s double bill Nicola returned to the cobbles in the aftermath of her dad’s arch-enemy Anna Windass being sent to prison for attacking Seb Franklin, a situation Phelan manipulated by intimidating the teen and threatening to frame him for another of his crimes, the murder of mechanic Luke Britton.

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At first it appeared all was forgiven as Nicola begged her father to forgive her for believing Anna over him, and apologised to stepmum Eileen for doubting her dad.

But the prodigal doting daughter routine was all an act, as her baby daddy Gary Windass berated her for continuing to swallow Pat’s lies and she dragged him to her flat and revealed what was really going on…

Young Seb, not seen since Anna’s verdict, is hiding out at at his former youth worker’s place and told her everything he knows about her demonic daddy – and Nicola has been secretly plotting to pretend she’s on Phelan’s side so she can get close enough to gather the evidence she needs to bring him down.

Gobsmacked Gary was worried at Nicola putting herself – and their unborn baby – in danger, but the bolshy brunette is determined to prove Pat is a lying, cheating killer, and reckons she’s the only one who can expose him.

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Returning to Pat’s place at the end of the episode, Nicola lied through her teeth to her father that she’d had a showdown with Gary and told him to leave her alone. Phelan looked smug as he thought he’d won over his daughter – little does he know…

Can Nicola really bring down Phelan? Is she right when she assured Gary that he’d never do anything to harm her, or his grandchild? Or is she playing with fire?

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