Emmerdale: Cain and Moira should be together, says Jeff Hordley

"She makes him act like no other woman can," says the soap star


Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley has revealed that he wants his character Cain Dingle to reunite with Moira Barton. The pair’s on-off relationship has fuelled many storylines on the ITV soap, but the drama looks set to reach a crescendo when Moira decides to leave the village and Cain makes a last-ditch attempt to stop her from going.


“I think Cain and Moira work really well together. There is a strong bond there and she makes him act like no other woman can,” said Hordley. “She grounds him and makes him a better person.”


Upcoming episodes will see Cain begging Moira to stay when she announces that she’s going to be staying with an aunt in Glasgow. The village hard man asks his ex-wife to meet him on the bridge at 5pm if she still truly loves him. But will Moira turn up?

And what of poor Harriet in all this – cast aside by Cain in favour of his former love? “Cain cares about Harriet a lot, but I don’t think the word ‘love’ ever passed his lips. But Cain felt, at the time, that being with Harriet was the right thing to do. He thought it would help him get over Moira – but he kept getting dragged back into Moira’s life.”

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