Is Arrested Development on Netflix?

How to watch and stream the cult comedy

Arrested Development, Getty Images, KP

Arrested Development is an entertaining cult comedy about a dysfunctional family, who loses their fortune and has to make big changes.


The show stars Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth, who tries to make sense of his family’s absurd behaviour. Other cast members include George Michael (Michael Cera), Michael’s son, Lucille (Jessica Walter), his manipulative mother, and Gob (Will Arnett), his brother, a failed magician.

Narrated by Ron Howard, the series originally aired on Fox, in the USA, for three seasons between 2003-2006, before it was cancelled due to falling numbers of viewers. Then, it resurged in popularity so Netflix released a fourth season in 2013.

Now, every episode is available to watch and stream on Netflix. And Netflix has also commissioned a fifth season to start in 2018.


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