Hollyoaks: “Milo deserves to be forgiven by the Cunninghams” says Nathan Morris

The NTA nominee teases the big reveal and a surprising new storyline for his quirky character

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Milo Entwistle’s entrance into Hollyoaks by hoverboard was a pretty spectacular introduction, and that alone could’ve been enough to secure actor Nathan Morris a place on the shortlist in the Best Newcomer category in this year’s National Television Awards


But fans soon learnt there was more to the Cunninghams’ kooky lodger than we could have ever imagined, as it emerged Milo was actually Simon Jones – the teenage joyrider responsible for the deaths of Gordon and Helen Cunningham back in 2004.

Having served his punishment in prison, Milo has deliberately sought out the fractured family and become their self-appointed secret guardian angel as a way of atoning for his crime – but the Cunninghams have no idea what he’s hiding, and well-meaning Milo has arguably caused more harm than good…

Ahead of tomorrow’s NTAs, we spoke to Nathan Morris about Milo’s story so far, and whether his big secret will ever come to light…

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How does it feel to be shortlisted for an NTA?

A real surprise! I hadn’t been on screen that long before the nominations were announced. I’m really grateful for the opportunities I’ve had with the storylines and the character.

What was the reaction to Milo’s big secret that he killed the Cunninghams?

For fans who’ve watched the show for a long time it has a big impact as it relates back to the history of the show. Because Milo has such a conscience about it people have forgiven him, but I think the audience wants the Cunninghams to know now.

How would you describe him?

As a cross between a murderer and Frank Spencer! He tries his best to do the right thing but everything seems to go wrong, he attracts bad luck. Living with the Cunninghams is a chance for a fresh start for Milo, they accept his quirks and funny ways. His real family were awful to him.

Will we meet his real family?

I don’t know, but I’d love to see how that would affect him. It would bring back a lot of awful memories and would mean danger for Milo if they were to come to the village and expose the secret.

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Milo’s protection ended in murder when he killed Armstrong at Christmas…

That whole thing encapsulated Milo – doing his best but getting it spectacularly wrong, and done in a very tongue in cheek way. Milo is broad and comic, but is not confrontational at all and has a vulnerability. I try to bring an element of pathos from performers I admire like Charlie Chaplin and Norman Wisdom, that childlike quality. Milo is trying to smile and do his best to cheer everyone up when things go wrong.

Do you think he’s evil?

It’s not that black and white – he’s not a monster in the way a character like Mac Nightingale was. Even when he was being manipulative in the way he got rid of Dirk, he had good intentions and knew he’d gone too far. Milo has a lot of problems that haven’t been dealt with, he feels so bad about the accident that killed Gordon and Helen he thinks he needs to do everything possible to try and atone, but things get skewed in his head and the aftermath leaves him mortified.

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Whats going to happen when the Cunninghams find out his secret?

I hope they can forgive him, they’re quite good-natured people. Once they get over the initial shock they’ll be angry and upset he didn’t tell them but maybe they’ll understand, he’s become part of the family now.

How long before that happens?

There’s no time span on it, so it could go on. Everyone’s functioning quite happily without knowing! It would be a huge thing to process, but he has done a lot to try and help them and does feel terrible. He’s not a bad person, he just made a bad decision a long time ago. And while Milo is no saint, he does get led astray – Cindy and Mandy have tried to rope him into their schemes and break the law. They use him, he’s more like their pet!

Would Milo decide to come clean himself?

I don’t think so, it’s too big a gamble. He’s driven by this fear they’ll find out. having said that he might be backed into a corner and will have to admit it. I think he wants to tell them and has almost done it, but he’s just bottled it in the end because of that fear.

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What else is coming up for the character?

He forms a lovely friendship with Alfie. Milo can see Alfie’s really struggling as he raising money for a charity in Jade’s name. Alfie keeps talking about Jade and Milo sees that vulnerability and can relate to it, so he decides he’s going to help him. The characters work well together so I’m looking forward to that developing.

Finally, why does Hollyoaks deserve to win Best Serial drama?

We stand out a little bit, all the soaps are great but we have a style of our own. Hollyoaks is not afraid to take risks, we don’t play it safe. We do big and bold, fun and crazy – and always throw everything at it. It makes for good TV.

The National TV Awards is on ITV on Tuesday 23 January at 7.30pm. Click here to vote.


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