Emmerdale: Danny Miller has already worked out a way to bring back Adam Thomas

“He might have to shave his head,” teases the star


Emmerdale’s Danny Miller reckons he’s worked out a way to get his old mate Adam Thomas back in the show, despite his character Adam Barton being on the run for the murder of Emma Barton.


Speaking to RadioTimes.com today, Miller joked he’d been begging the writers on a weekly basis to invent a way for his co-star to reappear in the village without his alter ego having to be imprisoned. And there’s already been a suggestion…


“We had a silly idea where they killed him off and then he’d come back with a shaved head as a completely different character, with no mention of the fact he looks exactly like Adam Barton,” joked the star.

“That was the only way we think of having Adam back without him going straight back to prison. Maybe it’s just a shaved head, or perhaps he’s wearing a different kind of costume…

“Whether Adam is up for it or not depends on if he gets any work!”

When Thomas left the cast, Miller and the cast made a mock behind the scenes video pretending the role of Adam Barton had been recast as Thomas’s real life twin brother Scott, which became a viral sensation earlier in the month.

You can read the full interview with Danny Miller here, in which he also discusses his and Emmerdale’s chances at next week’s NTAs.

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