Coronation Street trial twist – Seb betrays Phelan in court

The teen stands up to Pat as he tells the truth about Anna


The trial of Coronation Street’s Anna Windass took a twist tonight when Seb Franklin changed his story and told the court he didn’t remember seeing the accused before he fell – betraying Pat Phelan who had forced him to lie to send his nemesis to jail.


Phelan had just given evidence himself where he predictably portrayed Anna as an unstable villain and insisted she pushed his former employee Seb off his ladder, resulting in serious injuries and an eventual charge of GBH.

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Having previously scared Seb with the threat of framing him for Luke Britton’s murder which the terrified teen accused him of carrying out, Phelan thought he’d manipulated his ex-apprentice into lying about Anna’s assault, leaving his innocent enemy to rot in jail.

Fearing for his life, Seb did a runner but was tracked down earlier this week by Anna’s son Gary who begged the boy to do the right thing and tell the truth – that Anna had nothing to do with the attack.

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In a last-minute twist at the end of the first of this evening’s Corrie double bill, Seb took to the stand and when asked if he remembered seeing Mrs Windass near the building site office just before the attack – as per his statement – he said no.

Will Seb reveal the full story of Phelan’s blackmail? Could the game finally be up for the homicidal handyman? Or will Seb waver in the witness stand and end up going along with the original lie to save his skin?

Tune in at 8.30pm for the second installment of Corrie to find out…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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