Emmerdale shock: Graham beats up Joe Tate’s workers and halts demolition of Dingles’ home!

Find out what happens next following tonight's tense drama


Emmerdale’s Graham Foster was revealed to be quite the dark horse in tonight’s double bill when he single-handedly took on a group of burly construction workers trying to bulldoze the Dingles’ home.


Thursday’s episodes saw Graham go against the wishes of his boss Joe Tate when he beat up the businessman’s employees and halted the demolition of Wishing Well Cottage.

Graham’s eleventh-hour intervention saved the bacon of an under-siege Eric Pollard as well as the lives of young Samson and Noah, who were inside the property as it was being knocked down.


In the aftermath of the emergency, Debbie was seen confronting Joe at Home Farm and accusing him of deliberately trying to ruin the lives of her family.

Despite Joe’s protestations of innocence, the Dingles were left with no doubts as to who was responsible for putting Samson and Noah’s lives at risk.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Debbie attempting to get revenge by taking petrol canisters up to Home Farm and dousing the property with fuel.


But might Joe’s comeuppance be coming thanks to the actions of someone else entirely? Upcoming drama will see him confronted by a masked, gun-wielding attacker who leaves him to die in a woodland pit.

Could the culprit be an aggrieved member of the Dingle clan? Or another villager with a grudge?

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