Coronation Street: Eva reveals who the father of her baby is

Wednesday's episode saw Eva work out who the daddy has to be

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Eva Price has been left stunned on tonight’s Coronation Street after finding out that she’s actually 17 weeks pregnant.


After getting a positive result on a pregnancy test in Monday’s episodes of the ITV soap, Eva tonight went to see the local GP to ask for a dating scan.

During a tense meeting, Eva was forced to confess that she’d booked a scan the previous year, only to back out at the last minute. As Corrie fans know, Eva was – at the time – tricking cheating boyfriend Aidan into believing she was expecting his child.


Now, though, it appears that the scam has become a reality with Eva confiding in Shona that the fact she’s so far along her pregnancy means that the father has to be Aidan.

But will Eva decide to keep the baby? And, if she does, will she tell the dad to be about what is happening? Find out more when Coronation Street returns for its second episode of the evening at 8.30pm.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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