Emmerdale: Lachlan to kill Rebecca in shock twist?

The twists keep coming in a brand-new January 2018 trailer

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First came the car crash, now comes the aftermath – and it seems that Emmerdale’s Lachlan White isn’t done with being murderous just yet.


In a brand-new promo, we see the troubled teen squeezing the breathing tube of (presumably) Rebecca, as she lies in a coma in hospital.

Lachlan is obviously desperate to stop the true cause of the Whites’ collision from ever being revealed – but will he turn cold-blooded killer to achieve his goal?

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Elsewhere in the trailer, we see the bulldozers moving in on Wishing Well Cottage (and endangering the lives of Samson and Noah in the process). Plus Debbie is getting careless with a petrol can as she seeks revenge on Joe Tate. Looks like a dramatic January lies ahead…

You can watch the Emmerdale trailer below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama.

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Posted by Emmerdale on Friday, January 12, 2018