Emmerdale: Lachlan admits to killing Chrissie and Lawrence – but omits one MASSIVE fact

The dark teen played fast and loose with the details in tonight's episode of the ITV soap

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Troubled Lachlan White has admitted culpability in the car crash that killed his mum Chrissie and granddad Lawrence in tonight’s Emmerdale. But the creepy teen failed to disclose one key detail about the circumstances surrounding the smash-up.


Scenes just shown saw Lachlan tell Belle and Gerry that he was having an argument with Chrissie at the time of the collision and therefore felt responsible for having distracted her. But, as fans know, Lachlan’s disclosure is just half of the story.

Thursday’s double bill actually saw Lachlan grab the steering wheel at the pivotal moment, causing the Whites’ car to career into the path of an oncoming lorry. Now trying to keep his psychopathic actions under wraps, Lachlan appears to have convinced both Belle and Gerry of his version of events.

But with Robert suspecting that Lachlan is guilty and with an incriminatory voicemail message to Gerry just waiting to be heard, viewers will no doubt now be wondering when the truth will be revealed. Speaking about what lies ahead for his character, actor Thomas Atkinson said recently:

“He’s not in a good way, but has he ever been? After the crash he’s going to get closer again to Belle and the Dingles. In a way, his life might be better as he’ll be with people who actually care about him and don’t just view him as this freak who’s done terrible things in the past. So as much as he hates what he’s done and feels guilty, Lachlan also sees it like a fresh start…”

The big question remains, though: will Lachlan be able to stop his dark secret from being exposed?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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