Hollyoaks: Tegan survives Ryan’s murder attempt – Jessica Ellis teases what happens next

The actress promises a “life-changing” twist for her character after tonight

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Tegan Lomax almost became Ryan Knight’s next victim in tonight’s Hollyoaks after he confessed to killing Amy Barnes, then tried to silence her by smothering her in the same way he ended his wife’s life.


But there was a twist in the tale as Tegan was revealed to have survived Ryan’s attack – although she remains unconscious, so the closeted copper’s deadly secret is safe. For now…

After a dramatic confrontation where Tegan goaded Ryan for being gay and worked out he’d murdered Amy as she’d discovered his true sexuality, DS Knight attacked her and made it look as if Tegan had drunk herself into a stupor by dumping her lifeless body in the bath.

Remaining poker faced when it emerged Tegan was still alive after she was later found in the flat, fans will now be waiting to see if she wakes up and reveals all. We chatted to Jessica Ellis about the shock twist and what the future holds…

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How did Tegan feel when she worked out Ryan killed Amy?

She’d gone to confront him about being in the closet and cheating on her with Ste, but goading him over his sexuality pushes Ryan’s buttons and as they fight he called her ‘Amy’ by mistake. That’s when it clicked for Tegan and she realises this is what happened on the wedding night – Ryan flipped at Amy for calling him gay.

Was she scared for her own safety?

Immediately she wanted to call the police but Ryan snatched her phone and she locked herself in the kids’ bedroom. Once he opened up about his struggles with his sexuality and how he didn’t mean to do it Tegan softened slightly, but when she still decided to go to the cops Ryan knew he couldn’t let that happen, so the attack shocks her.

Does Ryan think he can get away with it?

Tegan passes out on the floor, and Ryan takes advantage of the fact Ste and Leela knew she’d been drinking so he leaves alcohol out in the flat and puts her in the bath to make it look like she’s passed out drunk. He has to do something as he knows it would look suspicious if Tegan was found unconscious in the same position Amy was.

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But she’s not dead!

Excatly! Ryan flees the scene and then goes with Leela and Ste to look for Tegan as they’re worried, and when they find her in the bath he acts shocked. Ste feels so guilty as he thinks it’s his fault because he believes he’s the last person Tegan spoke to before she hit the bottle, and she was upset about him and Ryan’s fling. Leela then finds a pulse and they call an ambulance, and Ryan starts to panic…

Will Ryan try and finish the job while Tegan’s in hospital?

I think he’s on a bit of a spree now! Maybe he’s got Lindsey’s gloves from Tegan’s locker and he’ll become the next gloved hand killer?! It’s spiraling out of control, once somebody knows his secret it’s a domino effect – how many people is he going to try and silence to keep it from getting out?

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Should fans be worried for Tegan’s future?

All I can say is what happens next is going to be life-changing for her…

Would you like Tegan to wake up and be the one to bring Ryan down?

Absolutely! But his is Hollyoaks and obviously it won’t be that straightforward as the storyline develops. What I will say is that a lot of research has gone into what happens to Tegan afterwards.

Who else is in danger from Ryan now?

Well, Tegan called Kim before the confrontation and the phone fell under the cabinet, so it must’ve recorded Ryan’s confession which is waiting for a voicemail. Will she hear it? You’ll have to wait and see. Imagine crazy Kim and killer Ry Ry getting involved!

Finally, can you believe Duncan from Blue tried to murder you?!

I know! When I was 15 years old, I don’t know what I would have thought if someone had said that sentence to me…


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.