Emmerdale reveals which two characters are dead in horror crash aftermath

There were emotional goodbyes in tonight’s episode

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Emmerdale have killed off two major characters in tonight’s devastating car crash, with Chrissie and Lawrence White casualties of the collision.


Following on from the cliffhanger of the first in tonight’s double bill, the second episode picked up at the scene of the accident, caused by Lachlan who grabbed the steering wheel from mum Chrissie in a fight during their pursuit of Robert Sugden who had snatched baby Seb.


Robert stopped the car and immediately called an ambulance and went to help, to find patriarch Lawrence had been thrown to the ground and killed instantly.

As Lachlan regained consciousness, he was horrified to realise the destruction he’d caused and desperately tried to apologise to a fading Chrissie, before she died with her son at her side.

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With Rebecca out cold, doctors leapt into action at the hospital where she flatlined and had to be resuscitated – and remains on the critical list.

Lachlan was treated for a punctured lung and was comforted by ex-girlfriend Belle Dingle and pal Gerry Roberts as he tried to process the consequences of his actions.

Meanwhile, suspicious Robert confided in stepmum Diane he thinks Lachlan’s guilty behaviour at the crash site means he had something to do with it…

Will Robert be able to prove Lachlan caused half the White family to be wiped out?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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