Emmerdale: Ross finds out Moira killed Emma – Michael Parr reacts

Will Ross tell the police who really murdered his mum?


Emmerdale’s Ross Barton learns who really killed his mum Emma next week, and reacts with typical rage towards his auntie Moira Dingle when she admits she was responsible.


“Ross’s default setting is attack so straight off the bat, that’s what he does,” reveals Michael Parr, who plays the brooding Barton brother. “He grabs her by the face. Moira’s confession brings a whole lot of other things up for Ross, he starts to think she was the reason he had such a troubled childhood because of Emma’s jealousy, so if he removes Moira from the picture…”

Luckily big brother Pete bursts in and stops his sinister sibling from committing another murder in the village, before hearing Moira’s killer secret himself – so how do both brothers digest this big bombshell?

“Moira tries to explain herself and it’s a mixed bag of emotions for Ross,” continues Parr, “especially as he thinks he had driven Emma to suicide and actually wanted her dead at the time. It’s been weighing heavily on his conscience.

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“Ultimately he must decide whether or not to keep Moira’s secret, but Ross is relieved he wasn’t responsible, and there is potential family shame for all of them if this came out – he just wants to move on and have a normal life for his son Moses at the end of the day.”

That doesn’t stop a sense of betrayal towards Auntie Moira who he’s been comforting as she fears for son Adam’s fate since he went on the run from prison – and the police find a body.

“Ross started to be really nice to Moira and she’s given him shares in the farm, they are finally bonding and then she hits him with this.

“He is disgusted Moira has let Adam go down for it too, but then again Adam was trying to set Ross up for it so he decides he can live with that! Someone has to take the blame, but ideally that should be Moira…”

Will knowing the truth about Emma’s death unite the last of two Barton brothers, or tear them apart even further? “You are going to see a closer bond from now on,” says Parr. “That’s good because it was always Ross and Finn that were pally and he was always at loggerheads with Pete, so it’s nice for us to be on each other’s side and I think there is potential for a good storyline where they actually get on!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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