Coronation Street death: Phelan shoots Luke and blows him up in shock scenes – what happens next?

Corrie fans can expect to see Steph return in the wake of Luke's murder

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Luke Britton has been sensationally killed off on tonight’s Coronation Street after getting shot by villainous Pat Phelan.


Friday’s double bill marked actor Dean Fagan’s last appearance in the role he’s been playing since March 2014.

A dramatic showdown saw Luke confront Phelan at the mill about Andy’s disappearance, only to get bashed around the head with a rock.

But Phelan had a fight on his hands when Andy gave him a taste of his medicine, knocking his opponent to the ground and fleeing in his car.

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When a chase then ensued, Luke was eventually forced off the road by Pat. Trapped in his car, Luke sat helpless as Phelan pulled out his gun and shot his prey in the chest.

Making sure that he’d finished the job properly, Phelan proceeded to fire some extra shots into the petrol tank, ensuring that the vehicle exploded.

“You came looking for Andy – looks like you found him. You say hello from me,” Phelan snarled before driving away from the scene of his latest crime.

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As Corrie fans know, Phelan’s reign of terror has already seen him kill Andy Carver and orchestrate the demise of Vinny Ashford – with tonight’s murder of Luke bringing his body count up to three.

In the wake of Luke’s untimely demise, actress Tisha Merry will make a dramatic return as his screen sister Steph. So will she be the one to discover Pat’s dastardly deeds?

Said a show insider recently: “This is going to be a very dramatic storyline. Pat has been up to no good for a while now but the storyline is coming to a head.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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