Emmerdale: Tom Waterhouse revealed to be Joe Tate

The mysterious millionaire comes clean about his true identity


Emmerdale’s Tom Waterhouse has revealed his big secret – he is actually Joseph Tate, the long-lost son of Charity Dingle’s late ex-husband Chris Tate, and has been planning revenge on his former stepmum who he blames for his dad’s death.


The shock reveal came at the cliffhanger in the first of tonight’s double bill, ending months of speculation as to what the mysterious minted man’s true agenda was since he appeared last autumn and seduced Debbie Dingle with his flashy lifestyle and upper-class charm. Show boss Iain MacLeod had teased a big twist in the Tom and Debbie saga earlier this week.


Debbie had just discovered her wealthy lover was behind plans to build a golf course right through the Dingles’ cottage and berated him for lying to her. But he managed to talk her round, begging forgiveness and claiming he’d put a stop to the impending destruction of her family’s home.

As the Dingles celebrated the reprieve, suspicious Charity broke into Tom’s office determined to dig for some incriminating dirt on daughter Deb’s dodgy fella – and got more than she bargained for when she discovered a passport and some photos that rendered her speechless.

Calling Debbie to frantically warn her she had proof about her untrustworthy sugar daddy, Tom intercepted the call and got manservant Graham Foster to track Charity down. When the shady chauffeur showed up to drag the ballsy blonde back to the village, it became clear Charity had stumbled upon something huge.


Meanwhile, back at the village a confused Debbie reeled as her swanky car got toed away and her house and its contents were repossessed, with bailiffs claiming she had no tenancy contract and was being evicted.

Charity and Graham got to the scene as grinning Tom appeared – champagne in hand – to spitefully tell Debbie their “little arrangement was over”, as Charity revealed to her distressed daughter she’d been played by Tom, who isn’t really Tom – he’s Joseph Tate.

“You’re definitely Chris Tate’s son,” said Charity, “and just as poisonous.”

“And you’d know more than me about poison wouldn’t you?” hissed Tom/Joe to Charity, calling her “the whore that drove my dad to suicide and got away with it… until now.”

Expect more to be revealed about Joe Tate’s masterplan and the repercussion for Debbie and Charity in the second episode of Emmerdale on ITV at 8pm…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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