EastEnders: Ben and Jay FINALLY remember that Abi is likely to die

They do have a heart after all...

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EastEnders fans concerned that Ben and Jay Mitchell have forgotten all about Abi Branning can rest assured: the pair have suddenly remembered that their flatmate is on the critical list.


Wednesday night’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Ben and Jay discussing recent events and expressing their disbelief at what has happened to Abi.

“I keep thinking she’s going to walk back onto the Square,” said Ben. “I know she never believed me, but I did love her.”

“How can she be gone?” asked Jay.

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The scene came following criticism of the new year episodes of EastEnders that saw Jay and Ben partying in the Queen Vic while Abi lay comatose in hospital following a catastrophic fall from the roof of the very same pub just days before.

Jay – who once dated Abi – was even seen drunkenly begging for a kiss from Whitney as he celebrated the start of 2018.

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But thankfully, both Ben and Jay have now opted to show some solidarity with Abi, which should please viewers concerned that her sole source of support was dad Max.

Wednesday’s visit to Albert Square also saw Lauren getting emotional by Abi’s hospital bedside, though mum Tanya remains oddly absent. Will she make a reappearance now that Max has decided to get a court order preventing doctors from turning off his daughter’s life-support machine?


EastEnders returns tomorrow at 7.30pm.