Emmerdale exit: Adam Barton goes on the run as Adam Thomas leaves the cast

Adam was seen escaping with the help of Cain and Aaron

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Emmerdale has screened actor Adam Thomas’s final scenes on the ITV soap, with his character Adam Barton having gone on the run rather than serve a prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.


Tuesday’s episode ended with Adam leaving on a container ship bound for Amsterdam after receiving much-needed help from Aaron and Cain.

The hour-long instalment began with Adam headed to court, where he expected to be handed a sentence ranging from six to ten years for killing Emma Barton. But the van he was travelling in ended up being hijacked and its drivers bound and gagged – a move that gave Adam the opportunity to flee the scene.

As it turned out, Cain and Aaron were the ones responsible for masterminding the escape and, pretty soon, Adam was speeding away from the scene, having been handed the opportunity to keep his freedom.

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But a last-minute obstacle came in the form of Victoria who found out what was happening and tried to convince Adam to do his time. In the end, though, Adam opted to go AWOL, with the police still believing him responsible for Emma’s death.

As fans know, Adam’s mum Moira is the one who actually did away with the bonkers Barton matriarch – but her plan to confess all were scuppered by village vicar Harriet.

Actor Adam Thomas has been a staple part of Emmerdale since 2009, but recently confirmed that he would be exiting in early 2018. Asked on Twitter over the festive season as to what his favourite thing about Emmerdale was, he (presumably jokingly!) replied: “Leaving”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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