EastEnders: has Mick Carter been shot? And did he know the gunman?

Aidan's heist went disastrously wrong tonight

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The life of Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) has been left hanging in the balance on tonight’s EastEnders after he appeared to have been shot during a bungled heist.


The New Year’s Day episode of the BBC1 soap witnessed Mick taking part in Aidan’s armed robbery despite mum Shirley’s best efforts to keep him away from the scene of the crime.

Scenes just shown saw Shirley lock Mick in the pub’s barrel store after getting wind of what her cash-strapped son was going to do. But when Mick escaped and headed off to join his would-be criminal cohorts, Shirley confided her concerns in Linda and the two raced to stop him from taking part.

However, the pair were too late to stymie Mick, who took up his post with Keanu creating a diversion so that the van they were planning to hijack was forced to travel through the Square.

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Unfortunately, once the raid began, events took an unexpected turn when one of the gang being robbed opened fire once the van’s rear doors were opened.

As fans saw, Mick recognised the man wielding the firearm in the second before the shot rang out – though viewers are currently in the dark as to the connection between the two men.

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Judging by Linda’s screams, Mick has indeed been left injured – the second time a member of the Carter clan has been shot in the last six months, what with Johnny having diced with death last September.

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A question mark also hangs over Aidan’s motives, with viewers likely to debate whether he was in cahoots with one of the gang members who came under attack. So did he deliberately engineer events so that Mick would end up taking a bullet? And will all be revealed when EastEnders returns tomorrow at 7.00pm on BBC1.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below


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