Emmerdale: killer Moira gets devastating news from the police

What have the cops told the distressed Dingle?

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Emmerdale is lining up more misery for Moira Dingle as 2018 begins.


Having confessed to murdering troubled nurse Emma Barton after she abducted her newborn son and was provoked by cruel comments about the death of daughter Holly from a drug overdose, Moira was then stunned when son Adam told the police he was responsible so he could take the blame for his murdering mother’s crime.

Struggling to pick up the pieces as the new year starts, Moira announces she is giving Ross and Pete Barton the shares in the farm that belonged to Emma and their deceased brother Finn as a way of trying to make amends for what she’s done to the family.


She also offers Ross work at the farm, which leaves Pete reeling from the generosity of the gesture. Meanwhile, Cain Dingle grows concerned at Moira’s behaviour – will she end up incriminating herself further by her actions towards the grieving Barton brood?

Moira’s world is turned upside down yet again when DS Benton arrives at her house with devastating news… What does the cop tell her? And will it push Moira over the edge?


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