Best Christmas gifts for gamers 2017

From Xbox One to PS4, Nintendo Switch to 3DS, we have everything you need

snes classic mini hand

December is always the busiest season for video games, with companies releasing their big franchises in an attempt to grab that Christmas cash. Yet this is a particularly bumper year, with new consoles and releases from Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and others. We’ve rounded up the best new video games and peripherals to help you end 2017 on a high (score).


Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (£80)

Snes Mini

One of the best consoles ever made, now in a dinky wee size. Includes 22 all-time classics, including Super Mario World, Mario Kart and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

Nintendo Switch (£280)

nintendo switch

Halfway between a home console and a portable, this is a barnstorming return to form for Nintendo. Playing Mario on your TV then simply lifting the console out of the cradle to continue the game on the bus never gets old, and it already has one of the best line-ups of games ever, including series-best entries from Mario and Zelda.

Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch, £42)


He is the original gamer everyman, and now Mario is back to show you why he’s still the OG. It may be a classic platformer in the vein of Mario 64, but Odyssey stuffs more invention and pure fun into its dinky cartridge than any other game in years.

Rocket League (Nintendo Switch, £15)

rocket league switch

It’s car football. Football, but played with cars and a giant ball. One of the most addictive wee games ever made, perfectly matched to Nintendo’s new console.

New Nintendo 2DS XL, Poké Ball Edition (£170)

nintendo 2ds pokemon

The Switch might have stolen some of its thunder, but the 3DS (and its 2D only version the 2DS, which is kinder to young eyes) remains the king of pure handheld gaming. This one has a snazzy design and comes packaged with the latest Pokémon.

Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition (£450)

xbox one x

A terrible name for a great console. The Xbox One X is an upgrade to the Xbox One (which was actually the third Xbox, keep up). With more powerful innards, it can handle 4K and HDR, but will still play all of the same games as the original One. The Project Scorpio special edition is patterned to look a wee bit like the first Xbox, as in, the one released back in 2006.

Call of Duty: World War II (Xbox One/PS4, £50)

call of duty

After some extended trips to space and the far future, CoD is back to where it all began: World War 2. Fans of a certain age will get a certain nostalgic thrill, but there are some modern tweaks. The updated graphics are certainly welcome. The influx of loot boxes and other ‘pay to play’ mechanics designed to bleed you of money? Less so.

Gran Turismo Sport (PS4, £25)

gran turismo

Get back in the perfectly rendered driver’s seat. It’s a leaner experience than the old games – like one of those carbon fibre track day cars that don’t even have a radio– but on a 4K TV with a PS4 Pro (£300), this is as close as you can get to the real thing.

FIFA 18 (PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC)

fifa 18

At this point, FIFA is almost as old as having a kick about in the park, but it’s changed a lot in that time. 18 builds off last year’s entry with a full story mode, following a young hopeful who dreams of being Wayne Rooney. (Well, in some ways.)

Cuphead (Xbox One/PC, £17)


A gorgeous game that will make you cry. Hand animated in the style of old Disney and Fleischer cartoons, Cuphead is a tough as nails shooter that somehow keeps you coming back for more.

Xbox Design Lab custom controller (Xbox One/Windows, from £70)

xbox design lab

Every gamer is a unique snowflake, so let them express themselves with an entirely customised Xbox One Controller. You can make some real monstrosities. We love it.

8Bitdo SF30 PRO (£39.99)


The SNES is clearly having a bit of a moment. Not only has the classic console returned with a mini version (above), but 8Bitdo has produced this loving tribute to the original controller. With Bluetooth and more buttons and joysticks than its 90s ancestor, this can be used with almost any classic game on any modern platform you throw at it, including the Nintendo Switch. Plus with an adapter (£15) you can give the SNES Classic Mini the wireless controllers you only dreamed about as a child.

Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game (£30)



For the young gamer who dreams of one day going into the industry, this is a great first step. Incredibly, it lets you build characters and levels in the real world using Lego style blocks, then import them into the app for playing.