It’s “very much the end of the line” for The League of Gentlemen TV series

The show's producer Adam Tandy suggests the 20th anniversary special episodes will be the last. But there is at least a live tour to look forward to next year...

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It looks like The League of Gentlemen fans hoping for more insane screen adventures in Royston Vasey could be disappointed.


Adam Tandy, the show’s producer who has overseen the three specials which aired this week on BBC2, has said that it is “very much the end of the line” and “we’ll be moving on now”.

Before the last of the anniversary special episodes starring Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton aired on Wednesday night, he tweeted:

And afterwards he added:

The remarks reference the final scene of the concluding special which took place on a railway platform. In it, Benjamin – Reece Shearsmith’s character who opened the very first series with a visit to his Auntie Val (Gatiss) and Uncle Harvey (Pemberton) – left Royston Vasey by train after regaining control of his body.

“You know, Auntie Val, sometimes you can’t go back… but you can visit,” he said. The electronic platform board announced the arrival of the 9:57 train which it also said terminated at 9:57.

Meanwhile, a hostage stand off involving Tubbs and Edward Tattsyrup concluded with a grisly end for the captives – with Tubbs falling into Papa Lazarou’s “Wife mine”.

Still, if the TV series really does end here, League fans will of course have next year’s live tour to look forward to. The UK-wide performances start on 26th August and run until the end of September.