Jason Gardiner slams former Dancing on Ice judging line-ups as ITV show prepares for comeback

The acid-tongued returning judge says that for the first time in Dancing On Ice history the panel now feels "solid"

Dancing on Ice judging line-up 2013

He might not have even got near the ice yet, but apparently it’s never too early for Jason Gardiner to be making with the barbed comments.


The returning Dancing on Ice judge has slammed former members of the judging panel ahead of the brand new series coming to ITV in January.

“I think it was missing people that really had an understanding or an actual experience in dance,” Jason told RadioTimes.com and other press about previous judging line-ups on the show. “I’m just leaving it there. I don’t need to name names.”

Previous faces to appear on the panel who didn’t have skating experience that Jason might’ve been talking about include Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, TV personality and dancer Louie Spence and West End star Ruthie Henshall.

“What feels great is that for the first time, the panel feels solid,” he added. “Everybody that’s on it is an expert in their own right and have incredible experience that they’re going to bring to the panel and to the show.”

The confirmed line-up for the 2018 series of Dancing on Ice stars Jason alongside Diversity star Ashley Banjo and ice skating legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Dancing On Ice 2018 (Getty, FT)
Dancing On Ice 2018 (Getty)

Jason, who also said he didn’t regret anything he ever said on the panel during his time on the show, also noted that because the professional ice skaters are going to be choreographing all of their own routines, for the first time he will be able to judge the composition of the dances.

“That’s been really difficult,” he explained. “For the last Dancing on Ice we weren’t allowed to talk about the choreography. Now, as a choreographer to go nearly 10 years and never mention the choreography because it was given to them… Well, this year the pros have to choreograph the routines.”

Does this mean we’re going to be seeing Jason being more critical than ever before?

“I’m not going in with any predetermined expectation of myself or anything really,” he said. “I think the way I’ve always approached the show is instinctively, when I see what happens and how it all plays out.

“I also know that there is real merit in what I bring to the show, and even though some people might not agree with my methodology there is a real purpose to it. Because ultimately I know it provokes the celebrities to either do better or, if they can’t handle the heat, then bye bye.”


Celebs, you have been warned…

Dancing on Ice returns to ITV in January