EastEnders: see Max and Phil’s showdown in Christmas 2017 trailer

It's Branning v Mitchell in this year's festive promo

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Max appears to be making sure that the residents of Albert Square have a not-so-merry Christmas in this year’s festive EastEnders promo.


The rain-soaked trailer sees a belligerent Mr Branning squaring up to Stacey, Lauren and Phil as tensions explode into violence.

The catalyst for the confrontations appears to be the voicemail message left by Jane on Stacey’s mobile phone – a warning that has (so far) remained under wraps.

But secrets and lies never stay buried for long in soapland and events look set to reach a crescendo in a week’s time.

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Elsewhere, fans can glimpse Ian Beale in tears, while Kathy tells Phil that he needs to “finish this”. Could this be due to increasing hostilities with Willmott-Brown, who is making his malignant presence felt in Walford?

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