Coronation Street: Carla begs Roy to keep her big secret – but what is it?

Only one other person knows what she's hiding as she returns to the cobbles


Carla Connor returns to Coronation Street on Christmas Day to reconnect with her family – but it soon becomes clear she’s hiding something, and only close friend Roy Cropper is on in it. What has happened to Carla in the 18 months since she was driven out of Weatherfield?


After being summoned by little brother Aidan to a secret meeting where he failed to persuade her to buy back the factory and save the family business, Carla rocks up to spread some festive cheer and is reunited with the rest of the Connors.

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As she reconnects with her roots, Carla takes Aidan aside – it looks like she might have changed her mind about taking the reins of Underworld again…

But when Carla refuses any alcohol, tongues start wagging as to why. Could she be pregnant? Has she confronted her drinking demons and been turned totally sober having struggled with alcohol addiction in the past? Or is there another reason?

Roy returns from a trip away on Boxing Day, and as him and Carla talk in hushed tones it’s obvious they’ve been in touch. Carla quietly begs her friend not to tell anyone her secret and gives the impression she’s not planning on sticking around her old haunt for very long.

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Soon she’s catching up with the family’s various woes, including Michelle and Robert’s financial problems and Kate’s secret fling with married nurse Rana Nazir. Realising the Connors need her, will Carla decide to stay after all?

And what of her big secret? There’s more teasing about what it could be on Friday 29 December when Roy rails at Carla for drinking a cocktail at the bistro’s New Year’s Eve party and storms out. Catching up with him at the cafe, Carla assures incandescent Mr Cropper she was actually sipping lemonade…

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But why is it such a big deal if she’s drinking alcohol? What kind of trouble has Carla got herself into now?

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