The X Factor weekly results – who was eliminated and who won the Sunday night prize?

With a brand new format and a very different sing-off each Sunday, here are all the results from the show so far

The X Factor live show 1 - judges Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger

Sunday night Finals

Sunday 3rd December

Who won The X Factor? Rak-Su


After winning, Rak-Su were elated with band member Jamaal telling Dermot O’Leary: “I just want to thank everybody at home, everybody here, all my family who have made this experience so special. I’m speechless, honestly.”

Meanwhile their mentor Simon Cowell first of all thanked Grace before saying that the boys were “gentlemen” and “stars” and gave a shout out to everyone who voted.

Saturday night Finals

Saturday 2nd December

Who was eliminated? Kevin Davy White

Who are The X Factor finalists? Grace Davies and Rak-Su

After just missing out on a spot in the final two, Kevin’s mentor Nicole Scherzinger said: “For me he has already won. He has won the hearts of so many people out there. And what a beautiful beautiful ride and platform this has been. I can’t wait to get his album.”

Meanwhile Kevin told host Dermot O’Leary that the number three was “my new lucky number”.

Semi Finals

Sunday 26th November

Who was eliminated? Lloyd Macey & The Cutkelvins

Both semi-finalists took elimination admirably, and took a minute to thank the amazing behind-the-scenes teams that pull the strings at The X Factor.

“Thank you so much to everyone backstage,” Lloyd said. The Cutkelvins added: “It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I just want to say thank you to everyone that’s supported us. It’s not the last of us.”

Saturday 25th November

Who was eliminated? Matt Linnen

After Dermot announced that Grace, Kevin and Rak-Su and Lloyd would be in tomorrow’s second round, it was down to Matt and the Cutkelvins.

An anxious Simon Cowell held his head in his hands as he awaited the decision, but he was ultimately relieved to hear that his group had made it through, and Nicole’s man was to be sent home.

“I wanna thank everyone who’s voted, and that,” he said, admirably resilient despite his elimination: “This is only the beginning”.

Week 4

Sunday 19th November

Who won the viewers’ vote? Grace Davies

Grace won the public vote on Sunday, but Rak-Su nailed the Prize Fight to win the trip to LA to record with songwriter Ali Tamposi – oh, and have dinner with Louis Walsh. Ummm, yay?

Who was eliminated? Rai-Elle Williams and Holly Tandy

Two of the youngest contestants the show has ever had, 16-years-old Rai-Elle and Holly, ended up becoming the two acts to leave in Sunday’s double elimination.

“This isn’t the end of us,” Holly said, and Rai-Elle agreed: “I don’t know what quitting means so you’re going to see me again!”

Saturday 18th November

Who won the viewers’ vote? Rak-Su

Who was eliminated? Sean and Conor Price and Sam Black

The first double elimination of the series left little time to talk to the two evicted acts, but Sam did have a chance to praise mentor Louis Walsh as “the best judge”. Wonder what Simon thought of that?

Simon Cowell however was still flabbergasted that he had to say goodbye to two acts in the first place.

“Whose idea was it to do the double elimination?” he asked. “YOURS,” Dermot replied as the credits rolled.

Week 3

Sunday November 12

Who won the viewers’ vote? Lloyd Macey

Macey took top honours on Saturday night and went on the win the Prize Fight too. He said he was “speechless” and couldn’t wait to support Little Mix in concert in Manchester: “I just hope I do the girls justice!”

Who was eliminated? Alisah Bonaobra

The singer found herself standing on stage alongside Sam Black as the final name to qualify was read out. “I never thought I’d go this far and I can’t believe I just did it” she said. “Thank you all for your support.”

Saturday November 11

Who won the viewers’ vote? Kevin Davy White

Who was eliminated? Jack and Joel

Week 2

Sunday November 5

Who won the viewers’ vote? Kevin Davy White

Who was eliminated? Traceyleanne Jefford

“I’m privileged to make the second week and I’ve had the besets time of my life,” Tracyleanne said to Dermot O’Leary after being told she was out of the competition. “But I’m not going to stop. I will keep on going and going and going until I reach the top. Thank you for making my life change.”

Saturday November 4

Who won the viewers’ vote? Rak-Su

For the second week in a row, Rak-Su came top of the public vote after wowing the judges and viewers at home with their original song Dimelo.

Who was eliminated? Leon Mallett

“The whole thing has been a highlight…sharing a stage with such talent, I just feel so humble and blessed,” Leon told Dermot O’Leary just after he was eliminated. “It’s been a great year, everyone is amazing and thanks to the public for voting me back and letting me have this opportunity.”

Week 1

Sunday October 29

Who was eliminated? Talia Dean

Talia became the second act to leave the competition after Spencer Sutherland’s exit on Saturday. Talia said that she thought all of the finalists who were remaining in the competition were “all so amazing” and that there was “no competing” with them. What a woman!

Who won the viewers’ vote? Rak-Su

After winning the most votes from viewers from every act in both the Overs and the Groups, Rak-Su then went up against Grace Davies in the Prize Fight sing-off. Although ultimately, it was Grace who won the trip to New York to meet Pink.

Saturday October 28

Who was eliminated? Spencer Sutherland

Poor Spencer. His parents had flown all the way from America to the UK for the first time ever, but he was voted out in the blink of an eye during the first live show. Well, the blink of twelve and a half minutes to be precise.

Yet just an hour earlier, Louis had been saying: “I know how hard you work behind the scenes. You’re one of the most professional contestants I’ve ever worked with on the show.”

What did you think? Was Spencer the right act to leave in the first live show?

Who won the viewers’ vote? Grace Davies

An early favourite from day one, perhaps it was no surprise that Grace won the most votes on Saturday night.

Dermot rather prematurely asked her how she felt about winning the prize of going to New York to meet Pink, to which Grace had to remind him that she needed to win the sing-off on Sunday before that happened.

Don’t worry, Derm, all these new rules are bloody confusing.


The X Factor airs Saturdays and Sundays on ITV.