Emmerdale: Robert arrested as Rebecca leaves the village with Seb

Is this the first of the White family to exit the show?

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Rebecca White has left Emmerdale with her son Seb, determined to keep her newborn baby away from his father, Robert Sugden – who ended tonight’s dramatic episode arrested for fraud. Will Rebecca return and will Robert be jailed for conning the Whites?


Robert desperately tried to convince the mother of his child he was sorry for his sneaky scheme to inveigle his way into the Whites’ empire and seize power at Home Farm, but Bex was having none of it.

Big sister Chrissie intervened and urged them to put their animosity to one side for the sake of their kid and arranged for the battling parents to meet and discuss possible access to Seb at the café.

Filled with hope, Robert rehearsed his ‘I’ve changed, honest!’ speech to ex-lover Aaron Dingle, who has taken him in following his savage beating at the hands of livid Lawrence upon learning Rob lied about them sleeping together (among other things).

But it was all a set-up, as Chrissie kept Robert occupied at the café before revealing she deliberately got him out of the way so Rebecca could get flee the village with Seb – and promised her ex-husband he would never see his son again…

To top it all, the police arrived at the café and dragged the stunned Mr Sugden off to discuss an allegation of fraud that had been made against him – as smug Chrissie looked on.

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While Rob was bundled into a cop car, witnessed by a stunned Aaron, Rebecca bid an emotional goodbye to dad Lawrence outside Home Farm. Sick of the betrayals and wanting Seb to have nothing to do with his poisonous parent, Bex announced she couldn’t stay in the village a minute longer and drove off.

The Whites are set to bow out of the show in the coming months, but Emmerdale have yet to confirm exactly how and when.

Is Rebecca’s escape from Robert the first of the dysfunctional family to exit? Will Seb grow up never knowing his dad? And is Robert looking at a prison sentence for his scamming?

Teasing this evening’s twists, an Emmerdale insider commented to RadioTimes.com: “Rebecca wants to cut Robert out of Seb’s life and feels she can’t stay. But has she gone for good? And has Robert really changed?”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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