Emmerdale: Pete Barton killed off in shock twist?

Is there more tragedy in store for the Barton family?


Is the Barton family set to be depleted even further in next week’s Emmerdale? It’s certainly looking that way thanks to these shock new pictures that show Pete lying unconscious on the ground following a dramatic fall.


As fans of the ITV soap know, the Bartons have experienced more than their fair share of trauma of late, what with dad James being pushed to his death, Finn losing his life in a shooting and Emma getting murdered.

Pete is currently, of course, a suspect in the investigation into his mum’s death and doesn’t appear to be doing himself any favours next week when he refuses to consider giving Emma a funeral.


Then comes the moment when the troubled farmer gets drunk and tumbles down the stairs at Dale View. Following the accident, it’s Ross who rings for an ambulance after finding his brother lying in an unconscious heap.

But will the emergency services get to Pete in time? Or is Ross set to lose another sibling?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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