EastEnders: Masood returns – and catches Carmel in her underwear!

And the shocks didn't end there...


EastEnders fans were treated to a couple of surprises tonight after Masood Ahmed made an unexpected return to Albert Square, only to catch his tenant Carmel Kazemi wearing saucy underwear.


Actor Nitin Ganatra had been expected to make his comeback in early 2018, but Tuesday’s episode saw Masood make an impromptu visit to Walford, where he was greeted by the sight of Carmel in a state of undress.

She, of course, was not expecting Masood to be calling round anytime soon and had been busy preparing a lunch for boyfriend Max. But Carmel got the shock of her life when she came face to face with her startled landlord.

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The reason for Masood suddenly turning up soon became clear when he dropped some bombshell news – he wouldn’t be renewing Carmel’s lease next month.

Despite being initially concerned, Carmel soon seized the opportunity and later suggested to Max that they find a place together. What she doesn’t know, though, is that Max is already in a relationship with Fi Browning and is merely stringing Carmel along to glean council gossip.

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Masood’s move to evict Carmel comes ahead of the introduction of new members of his screen family: Uncle Arshad (Madhav Sharma) and Auntie Mariam (Indira Joshi), who will decide to rent No 41 Albert Square in the new year.

Speaking about his new signings, EastEnders’s executive consultant John Yorke said recently: “We’ve always known that Masood came from a big family, and the time has now come to reveal a few more of them, of which Mariam and Arshad are just the first.

“Nitin has been invaluable to the show since he and the Masoods first rolled up in Albert Square. We’re really excited to bring in the next generation of the family, for some incredibly challenging, fun and exciting stories ahead.”

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