Hollyoaks: James tries to kill Mac as the truth is revealed?

Gregory Finnegan on the dramatic week ahead for the Nightingales…

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It’s set to be a dramatic week for Hollyoaks’ Nightingale clan when evil patriarch Mac is found unconscious in the Dog car park. Across four nights in a special week focusing on the dysfunctional family, each episode begins with a flash forward to Mac lying lifeless on the ground, before winding back to reveal the preceding events.


After Jack Osborne discovered Mac caused the school explosion that killed Neeta Kaur and stopped Jack being at wife Frankie’s side in her dying moments as he was trapped in the wreckage, the loopy landlord flipped and tried to kill Jack.

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At Neeta’s memorial this coming week, Mac is arrested for causing the blast and attacking Mr Osborne, but daughter Ellie gives him an alibi – only for someone to then get revenge on Mac for his catalogue of crimes.

Son James, ex-wife Marnie, vengeance-seeking villagers Darren Osborne, Hunter McQueen and Sally St Claire are all in the frame for attacking mad Mac, but who did it? Suspect Gregory Finnegan, aka Mac’s eldest offspring James who was beaten by his fierce father as a child, gives his take on the murky mystery as father and son head for a shocking showdown…

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What happens at Neeta’s memorial?

In true Hollyoaks fashion, it’s all rather dramatic! The truth about what Mac did has yet to emerge, but there are some significant clues given away in the heat of the moment…

How would James get his ideal revenge on his father?

I don’t think even he knows. He would want him to suffer over a long period of time I should think – but when it comes to it, it’s hard to get away from the fact that Mac is his father.

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How does James end up using Hunter in his revenge plan?

He can see Hunter is hurting and tries to convince him to take his revenge against Mac for Neeta, as he was deeply in love with her. For James, it’s killing two birds with one stone.

James wants revenge on Mac, but isn’t willing to do it himself – is this to avoid being caught and punished, or because he’s too scared?

I think the abuse he has suffered at Mac’s hands over the years has deeply affected his ability to make decisive moves concerning him. It would be easier to get someone else to take away that responsibility.

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How would Ellie and Alfie react if they found out the truth about their father’s dark side?

They would be shocked. They dote on him, and to be fair to Mac he was always an excellent father to the two of them. The truth will be a bitter pill to swallow.

What has it been like filming the domestic abuse scenes?

Harrowing, to be honest. The fact that people are dealing with these issues in their daily lives is a real tragedy. These stories can hopefully shine a light on the darker areas of our society, and enable people to free themselves from these appalling cycles of violence.


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.