Emmerdale: Lachlan’s hiding place is discovered

Who has found out the teen’s sick secret?

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Lachlan White’s macabre plan to fake his suicide and spy on his family from the attic in Home Farm was busted by best friend Gerry Roberts in tonight’s Emmerdale.


In the first of this evening’s double bill of dales drama, the twisted teen continued to observe the Whites from above as they grew increasingly frantic with worry at his fate.

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Having left worrying messages for mum Chrissie and girlfriend Belle Dingle that made it appear he may have taken his own life before disappearing, loopy Lucky was content his scheme was playing out just as he intended.

Meanwhile, auntie Rebecca received a visit from slippery Robert Sugden to sign over his shares of Home Farm to son Seb. Admitting she was covering for him until Lachlan was found, Ms White was full of rage at the father of her baby as she banished him from the big house.

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Later, Lucky sneaked downstairs while everyone was out and started rifling through the paperwork Rob left Bex – so presumably he overheard their intriguing exchange and wants to investigate further…

But he was caught in the act by gormless Gerry who was stunned to see his friend alive and well. Demanding an explanation as to why he’d done a vanishing act and hadn’t let on to anyone where he was, Lucky ushered them both back into his hideaway as the rest of the White clan returned.

Will Mr Roberts expose Lachlan’s loft-dwelling plan? Or will Lucky convince his friend to keep quiet? What’s the end game here – is he going to explain himself? And how long can he watch his mum weep for fear her son is dead?

More is sure to be revealed in the second helping of Emmerdale on ITV at 8pm…

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