Harrison Ford helps rescue woman after car crash

The Blade Runner 2049 star assisted a driver who had crashed into an embankment off the motorway

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 18:  Harrison Ford attends

Harrison Ford played real-life action hero on Sunday, helping out a woman who had run her car off a highway in California.


Ford was apparently driving behind the woman when she accidentally crashed into an embankment off the side of the road. Along with other bystanders, he pulled over and rushed to her aid to get her safely out of the vehicle as they awaited the arrival of paramedics (TMZ has the photos of Ford in the midst of things).

Law enforcement officials have said the woman was transported to hospital with minor injuries.


Ford, who is famous for his iconic roles in Blade Runner, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, has only been adding to his legendary status in recent months. In October, a clip of the him (alongside his co-star Ryan Gosling) went viral, after he got a fit of the giggles on ITV’s This Morning, while in September he found himself directing traffic in New York City after an accident had enforced the closure of a tunnel. He took it pretty seriously, too. Check out a clip below.