Emmerdale: Charity reveals a secret about Debbie’s new man Tom?

Is the rich charmer hiding something?


Are Charity’s suspicions about her daughter’s new boyfriend justified? It’s the big question that Emmerdale fans will be asking next week after Debbie faces an interrogation about her relationship with Tom.


Tom is also sending out mixed messages when – after organising a lazy day with Debbie – he suddenly gets wary after Charity invites the two of them to the Christmas lights switch-on. Could he be trying to avoid a confrontation?


In the end, Tom promises Debbie that he’s serious about their relationship and agrees to meet with her mum, news that Charity is pleased to hear. Tom’s right-hand man Graham, though, doesn’t think it’s such a good idea.

And as the villagers count down to Doug’s big switch-on, Charity takes Debbie to one side and tells her that there’s something she needs to hear in private. Just what has Charity discovered?

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