Tamzin Outhwaite reveals who convinced her to return to EastEnders

The actress will be back on the BBC1 soap in early 2018


Actress Tamzin Outhwaite has revealed that her eldest daughter was the one who convinced her to make an EastEnders comeback.


Outhwaite is set to make a Walford return as Mel Owen in early 2018 and has admitted that Florence – born in 2008 – was instrumental in her decision to revisit the role:

“When I was asked to go back to EastEnders, I asked my eldest daughter what I should do and she said, ‘Can you get home every night?’ I replied that I could, so she said, ‘Well, do it.’ That clinched it,” she told the Mail.

On the topic of returning to filming on the soap, the actress added: “To be stepping back into Mel’s shoes nearly 20 years after I first started feels perfect. I’m very happy to be back.

“It has brought back many happy memories. Many of the original team are still here so it’s good to be among friends.”


EastEnders is keeping quiet about the exact details of Mel’s return, but a spokesperson teased her comeback would, “turn a few heads as well tear open old wounds. With so much history in Albert Square, when Mel returns the drama will not be far behind.”

Creative director John Yorke added: “It’s particularly exciting to welcome Mel back to Walford for an incredible storyline – one that will awaken a lot of old ghosts, some great memories, and whole new series of adventures.

“We’re thrilled and flattered to have Tamzin home and can’t wait to reveal where she’s been, and who Melanie Owen is now.”

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