EastEnders: Kim is pregnant! But is she happy about it?

There was a surprise baby bombshell tonight


EastEnders’ Kim Fox-Hubbard is pregnant, it was revealed tonight.


In a surprise development for the mum-of-one, which was not alluded to in any way before this evening’s double bill of episodes, the feisty character thought she was coming down with a case of food poisoning the morning after the Square’s ill-fated safari supper club held to raise money for the Carters to keep the Vic.

Blaming Karen Taylor’s ‘nasty pudding’ for making her ill, Kim started to suspect there could be another reason she couldn’t stop being sick during a conversation with Linda in the pub who recalled the time she thought she’d had food poisoning, only to discover she was pregnant third child Johnny.

Dashing home as the penny dropped, Kim was later sat alone on the stairs and took out a pregnancy test with the result showing positive…


At first Kim was taken aback and a look of shock was etched on her face – clearly this was not planned – but then she allowed herself a smile at the news that little Pearl was going to have a new brother or sister.

But how will husband Vincent react to the news? And what about the rest of her family? Earlier this year Kim clashed with big sister Denise about her decision to have her and Phil’s baby son adopted and her and Vincent considered bringing him up themselves, so having another mouth to feed was mooted not that long ago. Will Vincent still be keen on the idea of having another baby?

This being Walford, it’s highly likely Kim’s pregnancy will mean more drama for the Fox-Hubbards…

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