Neighbours EXCLUSIVE: Travis Burns on Tyler and Piper future – “I begged writers not to split them up!”

Could a Typer wedding be on the cards?


Neighbours star Travis Burns has teased what the future holds for Tyler Brennan and Piper Willis. In an exclusive interview with Radio the actor, currently under suspicion for the murder of his deceitful dad Hamish Roche, gave his take on the fan favourites’ popular romance which has been dogged by drama this year – not least in part to horrid Hamish’s attempts to tear them apart.


“Don’t forget that Tyler is a bit older than Piper. He’s thinking about things like marriage and kids a bit earlier than she might be, as we saw in the conversation they had at Terese and Gary’s wedding recently. But he’s also respectful of the fact Piper wants to travel, see a bit of the world and live her life.

“At the end of the day, she’s still just 18. When Tyler was her age he probably didn’t have the same ambitions she has, and I think he’s mature enough to understand she’ll want to go off and do her thing.”

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Does this mean the couple will be drifting further away from each other in the coming months? “There are always speed humps in relationships, especially in a soap…” hints Burns. “They are going to have their ups and downs but hopefully come out together in the end.”

Which is just as well, seeing as any threat to the pair’s happiness would incur the wrath of the vociferous #Typer fan community, who have taken the sometimes controversial twosome to their hearts since they were paired together last year.

“I go to the writers and beg them not to split the characters up in case I get attacked in the street by the fans! I like them being together and Mavournee Hazel (aka Piper) is one my favourite people to work with, she’s incredible. We have a really good friendship off screen.”


But with Tyler in the frame for killing his own dad, and with the Brennan family threatening to fall apart in the aftermath of the murder, the hunky mechanic may have more important things on his mind than his love life as the ‘who killed Hamish?’ storyline promises to be a long-running whodunnit…

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