EastEnders: Ben kills Willmott-Brown in violent showdown?

Mr Mitchell goes mad when he discovers his boyfriend's dad is his mum's rapist...


EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell comes face-to-face with mum Kathy Beale’s rapist, James Willmott-Brown, in dramatic scenes next week. With his terrifying temper unleashed, will Ben be able to control his rage when they finally meet?


Having discovered his son’s posh new love interest Luke is Willmott-Brown’s offspring, Phil tries to convince the city boy to end the relationship. But when Ben goes ballistic at his dad after learning he’s been meddling in his love life, Phil can’t bring himself to tell his eldest the real reason he tried to warn Luke off.

But the bombshell about his fella’s family connection is eventually delivered to Ben from Kathy herself – not wanting him to fall out with his father, she reveals to her son that Luke’s dad James raped her 30 years ago.

Confronting Luke with the info, Ben is then taken aback when he’s told James wants them to meet…

“Ben is very protective of his mum,” says Harry Reid, who plays the Mitchell mechanic, talking to Inside Soap. “When the news about James is revealed to him, Ben is a loose cannon. It really sends him into overdrive – he wants to kill Willmott-Brown!”

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Pleading with her son not to do anything he’ll regret, and knowing he’s already lashed out to the point of murder once before when he killed Heather Trott, Kathy begs Ben not to see her tormentor. But despite her wishes, Ben angrily agrees to the meeting – but what does he have planned?

“I think viewers will be surprised by what happens next,” continues Reid. “Ben is not scared to confront someone, but is very cautious about going back to prison. The other thing is, this also means Ben has been used by Luke, which will be a big disappointment for him.”

How far will Ben go when he gets in a room with Willmott-Brown? Tune in to EastEnders on Thursday 16 November for a double bill of episodes – making space in the schedules on Friday 17 November for BBC Children in Need – at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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