Who is Ruth Langsford? Everything you need to know about the This Morning presenter and Strictly Come Dancing contestant

The Strictly 2017 star is a regular presenter on ITV daytime alongside husband and co-host Eamonn Holmes

Strictly Come Dancing Ruth Langsford and Anton Du Beke

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 celebrities: Ruth Langsford

Age: 57


Strictly Come Dancing code name: Hera, who was the queen of the gods. And Ruth is the queen of daytime TV!

Twitter: @RuthieeL

Which Strictly professional has Ruth been paired with? Anton Du Beke

Strictly Come Dancing Ruth Langsford and Anton Du Beke

Week 8 – Ruth was eliminated from Strictly this week

Score on the leaderboard: 18

Dance: Foxtrot to Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin

The judges’ verdict: Craig thought the side by side at the beginning lacked “any real style, flair or charisma” and that they messed up coming down the stairs – although Anton was keen to point out that this was “entirely” his fault. Craig also thought that Ruth looked like a horse trotting around the floor, while Darcey thought that they were “up and down a lot” and that sadly Ruth was slightly “out of depth” with the Foxtrot.

Shirley said she felt like she “had to be quite firm” with Ruth ahead of Blackpool and that it wasn’t her favourite dance. “It did look quite like a Quickstep,” she said while Bruno, simply, said that she needed to “try and do the steps in time” and do “the right ones”, too. Oh well, Ruth was eliminated from Strictly after a unanimous decision from the judges, and couldn’t help but do their signature move on the way out.

Week 7

Score on the leaderboard: 22

Dance: Paso Doble to The Shady Dame From Seville by Julie Andrews

The judges’ verdict: Ruth and Anton had an absolutely unforgettable end to their dance routine when the, ah-hem, climax to their performance saw Ruth falling on top of Anton and ending up as a heap on the floor! After everyone had stopped laughing, Bruno managed to shout: “You look like Manuel off Fawlty Towers on Spanish night!” and he couldn’t but add “what more do you want on Strictly Come Dancing?!” Craig pointed out that the film from which the song was lifted was Victor Victoria which is “essentially a drag act…essentially what we got tonight I’m afraid!” Craig also noted that he thought Anton was smart going down the “entertainment route” for their performance because at least then the people at home would vote for them. And they did, as they survived landing in the bottom two!

Week 6

Score on the leaderboard: 22

Dance: Quickstep to Bewitched by Steve Lawrence

The judges’ verdict: Bruno said he was “bewitched by her elegant look but bothered by the frame and bewildered by the footwork mistake”. Craig decided “it lacked any style” and was “too heavy and too sloppy, the antithesis of light and right”. Darcey, however, thought it was “perfectly charming” and Shirley said Ruth had “made nice free-flowing strides, you’re going in the right direction”.

Week 5

Score on the leaderboard: 16

Dance: Samba to Love Is In The Air by John Paul Young

The judges’ verdict: Although Anton’s ruffled pink sleeves were the most eye-catching feature of the dance, the judges were mainly concerned with Ruth’s arm movement – Darcey said Ruth needed to work on her limb extension, but to “keep onto the energised fun side”. Craig was also critical: “I loved it for its comedy, but not its technique”. Can’t say we blame him.

Week 4

Score on the leaderboard: 24

Dance: Tango to Allegretto

The judges’ verdict: “That’s a bit more like it,” exclaimed Craig, adding that he was pleased she was making progress in the competition. Darcey also said that it was a “great improvement”, with Shirley going one step further and saying it was “100% improvement from last week”. Shirley also said she was “shocked” about how well Ruth did. Bruno, meanwhile, couldn’t hold it in. “I can’t believe it! You didn’t go wrong once!” he shouted. We think he liked it…

Week 3

Score on the leaderboard: 15

DanceDiamonds are Forever from James Bond

The judges’ verdict: Bruno criticised Ruth’s timing and said her hips “need defrosting”. He also said it wasn’t her best dance. Oh dear. Craig said that really she was wearing a mask and wasn’t acting through the dance. Anton interjected that he had a lovely time, and Darcey said that Ruth at least looked amazing. Shirley Ballas picked up on the fact Ruth’s legs were bent and that she didn’t have body action through the dance. “It’s also a sensual dance so it would have afforded you well if you’d have looked at Anton a bit more.”

Week 2

Score on the leaderboard: 20

Dance: Charleston to The Charleston

The judges’ verdict: “100% better this week,” according to Shirley Ballas, who also noted that Ruth managed to remember the choreography “in the most part”. Bruno Tonioli said he had no idea she was “such a good flapper” and that she had a “great improvement” from last week. Craig criticised Ruth’s energy and said that her performance was “limp, lame and lacklustre”, while Darcey urged Ruth to come back even stronger in week three.

Week 1

Score on the leaderboard: 16

Dance: Waltz to This Was Nearly Mine by Seth MacFarlane

The judges’ verdict: Ruth’s husband Eamonn Holmes said that he was very proud of his wife, but the judges were a little bit more critical of the presenter. Shirley said that Ruth had “a lot of mistakes” and tended to go “off time”, and Bruno said she was a “picture of loveliness” although her feet had a mind of their own. “We all love Anton,” said Bruno. “But don’t hang on to him for dear life”. According to Craig it was the “stumble and grab” dance.

Radio Times spoke exclusively to Ruth Langsford:

Any dance experience?

“At every wedding I’m up on the floor, but I’d love to waltz. On our wedding day, Eamonn [Holmes] and I just shuffled on the spot for 20 seconds.”

Is Eamonn jealous of you being on Strictly?

“Not at all, he’s quite happy to watch from the sidelines with his G&T. But maybe he’ll be keen next year — now he’s got two new hips!”

Hear more from Ruth and Anton in our exclusive interview below:

What is Ruth Langsford famous for?

A familiar face on ITV, Ruth is a panellist and anchor for Loose Women and regularly hosts This Morning alongside Eamonn Holmes on Fridays and when presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are on holiday.

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On signing up to Strictly, she said: “I have dreamt about doing Strictly for so long, I can’t quite believe my dream has come true! The sum of my dance experience is throwing a few shapes at a party, I’ve never had a dance lesson in my life.

Strictly Come Dancing Ruth Langsford

“Without doubt it will be the scariest yet most exciting thing I’ve ever done. It’ll be a welcome change worrying about my next hot move instead of my next hot flush!”

This Morning isn’t the only TV show she presents with her husband, as recent years have seen her host hilarious Channel 5 show Eamonn & Ruth: How the Other Half Lives, where the couple travel the world gawping at the outlandish possessions and houses of the super wealthy. They also hosted ITV game show Gift Wrapped together in 2014, although sadly it only lasted one series.


Thankfully for Ruth, not many people will remember her taking part in ITV’s Born to Shine in 2011. Hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky, celebrities like Joe Swash and Jorgie Porter were taught a new skill by a talented teenager. Ruth learnt to play the drums:

Away from TV, Ruth and Eamonn have a 14-year-old son called Jack and she is also an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s society after her father passed away following a battle with the disease.

Already, she’s very excited about taking part in series 15 of Strictly. After the news was announced on This Morning, she said she was “very, very excited” about taking part.

“I do worry about who would be able to lift me up,” laughed Ruth, who also said that she was feeling “a bit shaky” after it was confirmed.

“I’m a bit worried about you too,” said Eamonn. “You’re not very competitive and you’re not very strong…she might not be very good but she’ll do her best.”

To which Ruth added: “Please vote!”

What dance experience does Ruth Langsford have?

Apparently, absolutely none! Ruth revealed that all of her dance experience is “throwing a few shapes at a party, I’ve never had a dance lesson in my life.”

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