Home and Away: Kat Chapman pregnant by Robbo?

The copper takes a test as her mystery man's true identity is revealed

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Home and Away is lining up a potential pregnancy for Kat Chapman, as she suspects she could be expecting lover Robbo’s baby. But with the shocking truth about the Summer Bay mystery man about to be exposed, don’t expect them to be playing happy families just yet.


Having survived the dramatic explosion at the cabin deliberately caused by a dangerous face from Robbo’s past, the anxious amnesiac has learnt his real name is Becket Reid and he has a connection to the man who planted the bomb.

Desperate for more information, Robbo goes rooting for clues on copper Kat’s computer files – only to be caught out by the beleaguered brunette. Explaining he wants to protect her but can’t if he doesn’t have all the facts, the pair row just as Kat’s boss McCarthy discovers the would-be killer from the cabin has been identified by forensic evidence as a hitman called Dennis Novak.

Scared he’s putting Kat in danger and thinking it’s best he goes on the run, Robbo packs a bag and prepares to leave the Bay in search of answers.

c5 jh

But Kat appears in the nick of time and persuades Robbo she still trusts him and begs the buff bruiser to stay. She also fills him in on Dennis Novak, and reveals the police are also looking for his partner in crime: a dangerous fellow hitman who is something of a legend in the criminal underworld – whose name is Becket Reid…

Reeling from the discovery he’s one of the most wanted men in Australia, Robbo panics and when he’s alone in his van he smashes his mirror.

Unaware of her fella’s fears, Kat starts to feel a little under the weather and a few days later suspects she knows the reason why – so she takes a pregnancy test… Could Kat be pregnant by a dangerous gangster?


Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 20, Tuesday 21 and Friday 24 November on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.