Coronation Street: new passion for Rana and Kate – but where does this leave Zeedan?

"Kate is who Rana really wants to be with," says actress Bhavna Limbachia


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Coronation Street - Ep 9299

Wednesday 15th November 2017 - 1st Ep

The chemistry between Kate Connor [FAYE BROOKS] and Rana Nazir [BHAVNA LIMBACHIA] is reaching boiling point and when Kate kisses her, Rana responds passionately. 

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Rana Nazir will be left in a state of emotional turmoil on next week’s Coronation Street when she’s kissed by Kate Connor.


With Rana about to recommit to Zeedan in a civil wedding, the kiss with Kate will leave her doubting her relationship. Viewers look set to be kept guessing as to whether the confused bride to be will go ahead with the ceremony after she admits to Kate that she has feelings for her.

“Rana has been trying to do the right thing but is thrown when Kate kisses her,” says actress Bhavna Limbachia. “This sends her into a state of confusion. The last thing she wants to do is hurt Zeedan. So she believes throwing herself further into their marriage will help suppress any feelings she has for Kate.”


Tension mounts though on the big day itself when – as Zeedan and his family gather at the register office – Rana looks like she’s going to be a no-show.

Because, unbeknownst to all of them, a drunk Kate has phoned Rana and left her a message telling her to call off the wedding because she loves her and wants them to be together.

So does Limbachia feel that Rana really wants to ditch Zeedan and be with Kate? “Rana’s tried fighting her feelings by investing further in her marriage, but it doesn’t make her happy anymore. Kate is who she really wants to be with.

“But I think she would be mortified if people on the street were to find out as she’s about to make her marriage official with the civil ceremony. The last thing she wants is to be judged by anyone and fears how her parents would react if they were to ever find out.”


So what advice would the actress five Rana if she were her friend? “I’d tell her to be true to herself – and the sooner the better. There’s nothing worse than suppressing feelings, any kind of feelings.

“Everyone has the right to be who they are – regardless of race, age, gender or sexual orientation.”

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